The history of India is a confluence of varied cultures that has led to constant adaptation, amalgamation, rejuvenation and also retention of our unique ‘Indianness’. While many countries are practising management styles in congruence with their own cultural ethos, we are still struggling to bring in our Indian ethos into management practices. The Indian Educationists and Experts have also stressed and passionately identified ‘Bharatiya’ rudiments in the management theories. The entire gamut of body of knowledge, cases, curriculum content, study material and practices, which are drawn from Indian philosophy and culture, constitute ‘Bharatiya Management’. There is also a strong literature evidence to demonstrate that ‘Bharatiya style of Management’ or the ‘Indianness’ is existent and relevant forever. 

CESS has been working with Indian education system since its inception and is pertinent to focus on development of Bharatiya Management thought by exploring the application of Indian management principles. With this purpose, CESS has initiated a dedicated wing to conduct research and capacity building with respect to Bharatiya Management. The objective is to promote a variety of research and capacity building initiatives in the field of Bharatiya Management.  One of the initiatives of CESS in this direction is the creation of a dedicated portal called “Prabandhan”. This portal holds a repository of links to popular peer reviewed Journal articles, books, availability of Bharatiya Management Courses, uniquely Indian case studies, other useful materials such as videos, lecture notes and links. This resource can be used by faculty to create and deliver courses, helps Research scholars to identify research gaps and for general readers it acts as a library of Bharatiya Management. The content can be accessed by all and can be uploaded by anybody. Researchers, Professionals, Faculty and Authors in the area of Management, Students and others interested can explore Ancient Indian Wisdom of Management.

You are invited to participate in using and contributing links to this repository. Please suggest additional content by writing to bharatiya.mgmt@cessedu.org