Masters in Kautilya Politics & Economics (MKPE)

Course Type

4 Semesters
🌼 4 Papers (Subjects) per Semester
🌼 Total 16 Papers
🌼 15 Lecture per Paper
🌼 Credits – 84
🌼 4 Credits per Paper
🌼 4 Credits for 2 Projects
🌼 Exam / Tutorial - 1 credit Per Paper
🌼Each session Duration - Online - 90 Minutes (70 Min. Lecture + 20 Min Q & A)

Course Duration
2 Years
About the course

Kautilya Chanakya is one of the most intelligent Rishi scientists ever on the earth. His book 'Kautilya Arthshastra' has everything required for a successful life. It is not only useful for Government & Governance but its applications are there in every field of day-to-day life. Kautilya provides guaranteed knowledge system for Victory & Success. The study of Kautilya will empower everyone who is eager to make his life successful. It will equip the learner to develop the power of winning in any circumstances. Kautilya will be helpful at the place of employment, for the self-employed, in any industry, enterprises, corporate companies, and even in any organization including political organizations. Learners will have the skill to tackle any type of adverse situation. It will not only be useful for the leaders and workers of the political parties but also for the strategy development companies for political organizations. Kautilya will develop a special type of knowledge and thinking pattern and ability which will help to conquer any field and any situation in life.