M.Sc. in Vedic Sciences

Name of the course
M.Sc. in Vedic Sciences
Course Type

Indic Knowledge Landscape (1 month)

How to Study Indic Shaastras-1 (1 month)

Indic Thought Model-1 (1 month)

Indic Philosophy of Life

How to Study Indic Shaastras-2

Ashtadhyayi Pravesha

Indic Thought Model-2

Indic Wellness Systems-1: Yoga

Sahitya Landscape / Jyotisha Basic / Samskrit-3

Term Project

Course Duration
14 months
About the course

MIT SVS’ M.Sc. in Vedic Sciences and other post-graduate programs are designed to groom the next generation of ambassadors of Vedic Sciences, who can study and authentically articulate the Indic scientific tradition, and bridge the gap between Indian and modern scientific discourse. The objective is to specifically groom a generation of experts who can perform independent and application-oriented study of Vedic concepts for modern times.

SVS’ strategy is to impart Vedic Science education at a level more suited to modern audience. Instead of focusing on deep shaastra expertise, SVS has designed its curriculum and programs to familiarize modern students with the methods used in Vedic Sciences and equip them with sufficient foundational knowledge and interpretative skills to enable practical application, further study and research.