Ph.D in Vedic Sciences

Name of the course
Ph.D in Vedic Sciences

Research Methodology

Indic methods of systematized inquiry and thesis writing – Flavours of shaastric research

Application of research components – Use of appropriate shaastric and textual structures – Customized research methodology – Conceptual mapping to make the portion more interpretable

Objective: Critical survey of prior work in research domain
Approach: Apply the methods learnt from VSR001 and VSS020
Output: Critical unanswered questions in the research domain.
Output: Comprehensive survey paper in the research topic
Output: 5-hour tutorial on the domain

Semester-long projects in the area of specialization

Course Duration
3 to 5 years
About the course

In addition to providing the background and knowledge of various disciplines of Vedic Sciences, the ability to study a shaastra by oneself, and proficiency and research training in the chosen Vedic Science subject; this program aims to develop the ability for innovation and independent inter-disciplinary research and and contemporary application.