Indian Knowledge System(IKS): Concepts and Applications in Engineering

Name of the course
Indian Knowledge System(IKS): Concepts and Applications in Engineering
Course Type
Open Course

Week 0: Welcome to the course
Week 1: Indian Knowledge System – An Introduction 
Week 2: The Vedic Corpus  
Week 3: Number System and Units of Measurements
Week 4: Mathematics 
Week 5: Astronomy
Week 6: Engineering and Technology: Metals and Metalworking
Week 7: Engineering and Technology: Other Applications
Week 8: Town Planning and Architecture
Week 9: Knowledge Framework and Classification
Week 10: Linguistics

Course Duration
Ten Weeks
About the course

In the vast realm of engineering education, where theories and equations intertwine, the roots of knowledge extend deep into the ancient soils of India. Needless to say, India is a nation with a long civilizational history with recorded history, cultural artifacts, and evidence pointing to more than five millennia of existence. Not surprisingly, such a society would have discovered enormous knowledge cutting across various dimensions of human life and existence.

Today, though India is known for its achievement in Yoga and other spiritual studies, it has made enormous progress in the material life as well. From metallurgy to civil engineering, pre-modern Indians can boast of tremendous achievements. The fact that many of their engineering marvels have survived the test of time is a testament to their knowledge and skill. Such achievements also assume significant advances in certain basic sciences like Mathematics.