Masters in Indian Knowledge System (MIKS)


Name of the course
Masters in Indian Knowledge System
Course Type

4 Semesters
4 Papers (Subjects) per Semester
Total 16 Papers

5 Lecture per Paper
Credits – 84
4 Credits per Paper
4 Credits for 2 Projects
Exam / Tutorial - 1 credit Per Paper
Each session Duration - Online - 90 Minutes (70 Min. Lecture + 20 Min Q & A)

Course Duration
2 Years
About the course

ndia has a rich tradition of intellectual inquiry and textual heritage that goes back several thousands of years.
India was advanced in knowledge systems, traditions, and practices since antiquity. The whole range of knowledge
systems is multifarious, from the Vedas, and Upanishads to scriptural, philosophical, scientific, technological andartistic sources. The disciplines and domains of knowledge include logic, philosophy, language, technology and crafts,
polity, economics and governance, ethics and sociological orders, architecture and engineering, pure sciences, earth
sciences, bio sciences, poetics and aesthetics, law and justice, grammar, mathematics and astronomy, metrics,
agriculture, mining, metallurgy, trade and commerce, ayurved and yog, medicine and life sciences, geography,
military science, weaponry, ship building, navigation and maritime traditions, biology and veterinary science, etc.
The major knowledge tradition prescribes 14 Vidyas- theoretical domains – and 64 Kalas - crafts, skill sets and arts
– that are useful in day-to-day living.